When we launched the Facebook Journalism Project last year, a top priority was to find ways to promote news literacy. People need more tools and education on what information they can trust.

Today, we’re announcing a partnership with The News Literacy Project (NLP), a national non-partisan education nonprofit, to expand Checkology®, a virtual classroom for middle and high school students. NLP works with educators and journalists across the country to teach students how to assess news and other information.

Checkology lessons cover a range of topics, like identifying the purpose of different types of information, understanding bias and recognizing the role of algorithms in personalizing what people see online. With Checkology, students can:

With this new and expanded version of Checkology, educators and students will see new lessons and more interactive features. The partnership also supports the addition of a lesson on press freedom around the world, complete with 22 country profiles, and a Spanish-language pilot of a Checkology lesson, taught by reporter Enrique Acevedo from Univision.

This partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to invest in organizations and programs that strengthen an informed community. Over the past 10 years, the News Literacy Project has done groundbreaking work in teaching news literacy in classrooms and we’re honored to play a small part in expanding this incredibly important program.