The team at Via Córdoba, a hyperlocal digital newspaper in Argentina, organized a “day in the life” event, going live over 24 hours to highlight different aspects of life in Córdoba, Argentina. For the publisher, this was chance to showcase their connection to the city and commitment to the area’s communities.

Working with student volunteers from two local universities, the publisher went live each half hour of the day from a new location. Leveraging the authenticity of Facebook Live, the team sought out broadcast locations that gave audiences the opportunity connect deeply and organically with the community. From factories to cemeteries, hospitals and police stations — they took viewers all over Córdoba, creating an immersive look at a day in the life of their city.

Let’s take a look at some of the Facebook Lives from this experiment. And then check out our Q+A with one of the people behind this event.

A night walking tour around the historical San Jerónimo cemetery

At around 1 am,Via Córdoba and the cemetery’s deputy director took the audience on a historical tour of the site, making stops at graves of renowned locals. The exclusive visit sparked interest and engagement among community members of Córdoba who asked about the dead and the spooky tales living among them.

Sailing across through the Suquía river

Día a Día sailed across the Suquía River on inflatable boats, showing viewers a quiet and serene perspective of Córdoba amid the city’s hustle and bustle.

Touring the city from a garbage truck

This Facebook Live showed the community how sanitation workers clean the city each day. The audience not only learn how they get the job done, but also about some of the hidden treasures they find during their daily route.

Q&A with Guillermo Culell, Digital Business Manager Cimeco of Grupo Clarín

How did you come up with this idea?

Via Córdoba has been using Facebook Live from the first day it was launched. This year we became members of the Vía País news network as Vía Córdoba and in order to communicate this change we decided to make it an important and relevant event across social media, the place we feel most comfortable for sharing our journalism. #VIVOenCBA was a 24-hour live stream of news, funny city tours, artists, interviews with remarkable local personalities and some other journalistic experiments.

What was the goal?

Our most important goal was to make sure that we could pull it off. We live-streamed a 24-hour news event for the first time in Argentina and also utilized a powerful team of journalists and university students from Colegio Universitario de Periodismo and Universidad Blas Pascal. Over two months of hard work, we designed this event with the idea to show the uniqueness of Córdoba. We not only planned a diverse set of lives, but we also had to stay alert in case there was breaking news during the day. In all, we posted 137 times during the event.

How was it received in the community?

Users showed us lots of support through strong engagement on the posts. Offline, colleagues and other organizations talked about #VIVOenCBA and it was being discussed on radio, television and, of course, every social media channel. Universities have even been using the experience as an example in their classes.

How do you think about building community on Facebook?

Via Córdoba was born in 2009 as a collaborative website that focused on building community around hyperlocal interest topics like soccer, citizen associations, regional food recipes, etc. Facebook has given us platform to interact and start a dialogue with our audience through News Feed, Facebook Live, Messenger, comments, and reactions.

Every time we post, we read the comments. We read everything that the audience says on Facebook and make decisions after analyzing what the impact is on them. We believe that experimenting with new resources and tools put us closer to our audience and potential readers. At the same time, it contributes to the success of our journalistic work to tell what really matters to citizens. In social media we are learning how to use (and how to have fun sometimes) with our fans in a continuous dialogue.

What steps did you take to prepare and make sure everything went smoothly?

First, we allied with universities and mobile phone companies to give us the technology and team that made #VIVOenCBA possible. We planned our social media campaign in the previous days, from the 24-hour live event to communicating the final results. We created graphic pieces for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ahead of time. We also sent a press release explaining every detail to media in Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

Via Córdoba’s tips for building your own day in the life experience

* Answers translated from Spanish