Sistema Jornal do Commercio is a media group based in Brazil, with properties including Rádio Jornal,TV Jornal, and the newspaper Jornal do Commercio. The biggest media group in Brazil’s Pernambuco state, Sistema Jornal do Commercio has been creating hyper-local coverage on their radio and TV stations since the early 2000s. In recent years, that coverage has expanded to include digital video.

We connected with Maria Luiza Borges, Head of Digital Content at Sistema Jornal do Commercio, to learn more about their approach to digital video. Sistema Jornal do Commercio brings a data-driven approach to its digital video — including on Facebook Live. “With Facebook Live, we can interact directly with viewers and get new information about our community. That knowledge informs our approach to news,” said Luiza Borges.

Read on to learn more. And if you’re interested in using Facebook Live to level-up your digital video strategy, check out our Live best practices here.

What is your overall approach to digital video?

Across our digital video efforts, we aim to talk about themes that are relevant to our fans and encourage them to interact. Our presenters are journalists focused on very specific areas. That way, they can strengthen the debate with their own expertise.

We are known as an integrated company. Our brands are all strong and people see them as one. This has strengthened our presence online, across social networks, and within the advertising market.

Why did you focus on Facebook Live as part of your digital video strategy?

We are always testing new technologies and tools when they are available to us. That’s what we did with Facebook Live, first on mobile and then by building a studio for our digital TV team.

We observed that people were interested in starting a conversation in real time, and with someone they could actually see. As the first results came in, we decided to continue looking to Facebook Live as a strategical tool.

We use Facebook Live to get to know our online audience better. We also use it to grow our audience and create branded content. With Facebook Live, we can interact directly with viewers and get new information about our community. That knowledge informs our approach to news. We can make decisions based on what our fans want — which video format is better, for example, or which information is most helpful to present.

What are your goals around Facebook Live?

Our goals are to strengthen our brand on Facebook and reach more people, through our fans and their friends. Facebook Live helps us see more interactions on our posts and, consequently, more views to our websites too.

The interaction in real time with our audience is very important too. We can hold a conversation with our audience, learning more about who they are, what they like, and what content they consume.

To measure our progress, we look at views, impressions, reach, and interactions across our videos.

We use to look at views, impressions, the reach and interactions in general.

How does your approach to Facebook Live differ across your Pages?

We have four major Pages:

  1. Rádio Jornal, a local radio station
  2. TV Jornal, a local TV station
  3. Jornal do Commercio, a newspaper
  4. NE 10, our online portal

So we have different public followings across each Page. We try to publish content on each Page based on what posts have historically performed best. We also try to publish content based on what similar Pages that our fans like are posting.

What have been your favorite or most successful Facebook Lives?

Conexão is a daily program that goes live each morning and afternoon. It gives to our fans the recent news from our community. We conduct interviews. We highlight videos, photos, and information about what’s happening today. And we encourage viewers to interact with us and tell what they think about the show. On our Elections Day, we were live over Conexão to reveal the results in real time and comment on the updates with our political specialists.

The program has earned its own faithful following and consistently great numbers. We’ve seen success here because we’ve studied the behavior of our viewers for over two years. We want to understand their experience so we can make informed decisions about the content we produce on TV JC. We also have an exclusive team to work with the digital TV, producing and operating teams.

What are your tips you’d give other newsrooms on using Facebook Live?

Try to understand your audience and their experience on Facebook each day. That way, you can chart your strategies and make decisions based on your data and your analysis.