Morning CHEK

Morning CHEK is Canadian TV station CHEK’s daily morning newscast on Facebook Live. From national politics to local community events, the four-minute show provides fans with a speedy rundown of what to know for the day.

“We want to reach viewers wherever they are,” said Rob Germain, News Director and Digital Manager at CHEK. Overall, producing this morning show on Facebook Live has been valuable in engaging the station’s audience. Each Morning CHEK episode typically sees over 3,500 viewers and 60-100 comments, with viewers connecting with others, leaving comments saying “good morning” from their area of residence.

We connected with Germain to learn more about CHEK’s approach to its morning show on Facebook Live. Read on to learn why CHEK started the show, what the community response has been like, and why Facebook Live works for this video format.

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What made you decide to use Facebook Live for Morning CHEK?

We want to reach viewers wherever they are. We know many people go to our Facebook Page early in the morning. And CHEK has a large Facebook following, with over 100K people liking our page. We thought we would give Facebook Live a try and we were pleasantly surprised.

Morning CHEK is a newscast; it provides timely information and therefore ‘Live’ just makes sense. We have also noticed our organic reach is increased by doing the show on Facebook Live option versus posting the video recording regularly onto our Page.

What are your goals around your daily Morning CHEK show on your Facebook page?

We wanted to create a morning news offering that was less formal and faster paced than our regular on-air newscasts. Morning CHEK delivers viewers news, weather, sports and the water cooler information they need to know to get their day started — on the go, or wherever they want to tune in.

What has the community response been like?

We saw an immediate response with the show. The audience has steadily grown over time and we get overwhelmingly positive engagement. Lots of likes and hearts. I have yet to see any negative comments. People viewing Morning CHEK chime in to say “Good morning” and say where they are watching from.

The show has created an online community of viewers who are all watching the program together. People can watch it live, or on their own schedule. They can choose to receive notifications or see it in their News Feed.

What tips about using Facebook Live would you give other newsrooms?

Scheduling in advance is a good option. If you can, have someone on hand to respond to comments during the Live segment.

What’s your newsroom’s approach to creating digital video in general?

As a TV news station, we repurpose a lot of stories made for that medium. But we recognize more and more that you are better off customizing your content delivery for online and social.