Bob Herzog, an anchor for LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV, and host of Good Morning Cincinnati, has built up a devoted following on Facebook with his regular series of Facebook Lives called “Wake Up and Make Up.” Every morning, at the crack of dawn, he puts on his makeup before going on air, sets up his phone, and goes live on Facebook. It’s become a daily routine. It’s silly, filled with Star Wars references, and is uniquely Herzog. As a result, his videos have gone viral and connected with a global audience that comes back day after day to catch his latest Live.

He’s gone beyond self-aware makeup tutorials and also holds regular “Lunchtime Live”and “Taco Tuesdays” where he chats with his colleagues and gives the audience a peek behind-the-scenes of his newsroom. Herzog says, “What I think Facebook does, is allow an anchor like me to open up to the public in a way so the viewer can go I can trust this guy. And that’s what Facebook has done for me.”


The key results that Herzog say has come from his use of Facebook are:

To help figure out what makes Herzog’s videos connect so well with audiences, we talked to him about some of his best practices for deepening meaningful connections by going live on Facebook.

Bob Herzog Shares 5 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Live
  1. INTERACT WITH VIEWERS IN THE COMMENTSHerzog routinely gets thousands of interactions and his viewers have positive, meaningful dialogue in the comments of his videos. Once he’s done filming, he’ll jump into the comments himself to interact with his viewers and make them feel part of the community. It lets them feel heard, and helps ensure they keep coming back.Herzog Says: “Facebook Live has that immediate viewer interaction. It’s taken connecting with viewers to another level because it’s ‘RIGHT NOW.’ It allows you to react instantaneously, which makes community/viewer connection that much more personal, seamless and achievable.

    My experience is that the comments have been extremely positive back and forth. In the couple hours after going live I’ll dive back into the comments. Many of my replies are fairly brief, but my hope is doing that makes it meaningful for the people that have taken the time to post. And I hope it helps them to know me more. I think, now more than ever, that’s incredibly important.”

  2. STICK TO A SCHEDULEHerzog credits the regularity of his show to the level of positive and meaningful engagement he has with his community of fans. People know what to expect each week, and keep coming back. It’s built a community of regulars viewers that look forward to each new installment.Herzog says: “It’s very important to have it at the same because then it becomes a habit for you to do it as part of your work. And if you make it a habit and for some reason you don’t do it, people will reach out and ask ‘where were you today?’ I recently went on break with my kids and I got an outpouring from people on Facebook because I missed a few days.”

    “The other reason to be consistent is to meet the expectation of people who have taken the time to like your page and as things change you’re at least being consistent, whether the algorithm changes or other things change, you’re always going to be there and people who have chosen to connect with you will seek you out and find you there.”

  3. BE YOURSELFFrom “Wake Up and Make Up” to “Taco Tuesdays,” these Facebook Lives wouldn’t work if they weren’t a true expression of Herzog’s personality. Because of that immediate and unfiltered connection through Live, Herzog can be himself and connect with his audience directly.Herzog Says: “Not everybody is as comfortable approaching Facebook in the way I do. I tend to be a little goofy. But for better or worse, that’s me. And I think it’s become increasingly important for viewers to feel like they know the people who are delivering the news to them. And I don’t mean know them in the sense of I’m going to go on camera now and put on my serious voice to bring you the news …Certainly, there’s a place for that and that’s what the job is. But what I think Facebook does, is allow a person to open up to the public in a way so the viewer can go I can trust this guy. And that’s what Facebook has done for me.”

    CrowdTangle Overperformance data affirms that audiences respond positively to Herzog sharing his genuine personality. His posts consistently Overperform on Facebook and it’s not just the Facebook Lives, but also the Local 12 stories and personal photos he shares regularly to his Facebook page.

  4. TEST AND LEARNOne thing Herzog loves about Facebook Live is how easy it is to just try things out. While his “Wake Up and Make Up” Facebook Lives became the viral hit he’s known for, he initially started with Taco Tuesdays and has since expanded to new regular series.Herzog Says: “I went out with one of our meteorologists, we were shooting the breeze and then 4 buttons later we’re talking to 500 people while eating Tacos. We realized in that moment how many additional people we could reach. So a New Year’s resolution I had was to do a video every morning. We go on air at 4:25 am and one day I went live as a goof while putting on makeup. And now we’re here. I’d say everyone has to test things out and find what works best for them. It is such a great tool to reach people in a different way.”


  5. UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCEHerzog believed his audience was looking for more positivity and needed a break from the serious news he was reporting. He successfully tapped into that and focuses his Lives as around delivering that feeling to his community of fans.Herzog Says: “Sometimes on social, things can get dark or people aren’t so nice to each other. And in my job I have to deliver information that isn’t always nice to hear. So for me, when I’m on social media or Facebook, this is who I am and I’m a pretty positive guy. It’s been pretty incredible to see that reflected back to me from people who are commenting. It’s been a very positive experience. People still want a place where some very positive and hopeful things are happening. And I’m just looking for the next smile.”