Meet Scalawag, a recipient of this year’s Facebook Journalism Project Community Network Grant, and learn more about their funded project.

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The Funded Project:

Continue building revenue through community with live events, online discussions, and digital skillshares that give communities a say in the stories about them. This project will support continued work that celebrates local art, activism and community-driven journalism in three hubs across the South.

In Their Own Words:

When communities have a say in stories about themselves, their social efficacy increases, and their trust in and connection to the news deepens. Survey data confirmed that our audience believes in Scalawag’s work to combat reductive narratives, paratrooper journalists, and lack of local coverage in the South. The data also called for opportunities to engage directly with our writers, activists, readers, and other supporters. In response, we launched a new membership model that connects and supports our community through live events, online discussions, and digital skillshares.

In July, we launched Scalawag Jubilees, which celebrate local art, activism, and community-driven journalism in our three geographic hubs: Durham, Birmingham, Atlanta. Jubilees spotlight local changemakers, foster community, and garner buy-in for Scalawag’s new membership model, which aims to enrich our community’s activism, better inform our editorial priorities, expand our readership and contributor base, and help us live into our mission by building revenue through community.

Since launching membership, we’ve gained nearly 70 new members and collected around 100 suggestions for future content. Scalawag is working to become the premiere conduit for narrative transformations, power shifts, and resource exchanges that enable Southerners to share nuanced stories that transform politics in the American South.

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