Meet Sahan Journal, a recipient of this year’s Facebook Journalism Project Community Network Grant, and learn more about their funded project.

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The Funded Project:

Following meetings with Latino immigrant community and organizations that serve them, Sahan Journal will conduct listening sessions and events to engage the Latino community in planning editorial focus and determining what digital platforms will be most effective in reaching audiences.

In Their Own Words:

Minnesota immigrant and refugee groups are underrepresented in the media. Sahan will create journalism that truly serves the needs of these culturally distinct communities, and establish a new model of independent nonprofit journalism that puts the interests and lived experience of Minnesota’s immigrant communities at the center of its service.

Evidence that mainstream media underserve and in many cases misrepresent the realities of the immigrant experience is not difficult to find. As research shows, the media narrative directly impacts the political and policy debates and plays a role in creating cultural norms and expectations around immigrants.

We believe this project is timely and a much-needed addition to Minnesota’s media landscape. At a time when immigrants and refugees are targets of hateful rhetoric in politics and some media, we need more accurate and nuanced stories that present the reality of what it means to be an immigrant in Minnesota.

If we could authentically report on these immigrant and refugee communities by establishing trust with them, and telling stories that go beyond the surface, that would be an ideal outcome for us. We hope to increase the quality and quantity of news reporting for Minnesota immigrants and refugees.

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