Meet Next City, a recipient of this year’s Facebook Journalism Project Community Network Grant, and learn more about their funded project.

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The Funded Project:

Create a digital solutions journalism webinar series called, “Next Newark” to replicate ideas from urban planning, construction, tech and other civic sectors affecting residents. Each episode will include a moderated Q&A with guest presenters and are projected to earn 40% profit through donations.

In Their Own Words:

Low-income communities are used to seeing their neighborhood in the news only when someone is robbed or murdered. Newark, New Jersey, is one of many cities suffering from a “broken mirror” on the community. The media is that broken mirror.

Next City’s solutions journalism focuses exclusively on civic topics and begins to reflect a real picture of these residents back to them. We’ve reported on how a newly installed inclusionary zoning ordinance is bringing affordable housing to Newark, even as developers push to amend it. We’ve reported on the rise of Newark’s tech industry, spurred by an accelerator program called Newark Venture Partners. In the process, we’ve come across dozens of specific ideas that we haven’t yet been able to report on.

Our journalism is rare, and so is our audience. We report on grassroots people working to change their city for the better. Reader surveys show that 74% of our audience uses our journalism directly in their work. They come from urban planning, construction, finance, infrastructure, academia, media, and arts. Next City is the one place where these oft-siloed sectors come together. More than half of readers say they also use Next City in their philanthropic endeavors or volunteerism.

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