The Facebook Journalism Project: Local News Membership Accelerator is a program designed to help news publishers build their membership revenues. Funded and organized by The Facebook Journalism Project, the 3-month program includes hands-on workshops led by news industry veteran Tim Griggs, a grantmaking program organized by The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, and regular reports on best practices authored by both The Lenfest Institute and the Facebook Journalism Project. The Membership Accelerator is part of the broader Facebook Journalism Project Accelerator Program. Previous iterations have focused on digital subscriptions and digital video.

Read lessons from the Membership Accelerator below.

1. Inside the Membership Accelerator’s Austin Kick Off

2. Inside the Membership Accelerator: Finding Your Whales

3. The Christian Science Monitor’s 5 Steps to a Stronger Membership Program

4. 10 Essential Ingredients to Building a Membership-Based News Organization

5. Increasing Membership: Publishers’ Test Results and Learnings

6. Making Scrum Work For Your News Organization

The Accelerator Program

The Facebook Journalism Project’s Accelerator Program helps news publishers build sustainable businesses. Funded and organized by the Facebook Journalism Project (FJP), each Accelerator includes a three-month period of hands-on workshops led by news industry veterans, grants administered by non-profit journalism organizations, and regular reports on best business practices. The Accelerator’s executive director is Tim Griggs, an independent consultant/advisor and former New York Times and Texas Tribune executive.

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