The Facebook Journalism Project: Digital Video Accelerator is a pilot program designed to help news publishers take their digital video strategies to the next level. The Accelerator program an ongoing initiative that aims to connect with news publishers to unlock strategies in digital media.

The six-week Digital Video Accelerator took place in Buenos Aires for 25 news publishers from Argentina and Chile. The course covered every stage of a video strategy, from video production to storytelling and measurement.

Read lessons from the Accelerator below.

1. Inside the Digital Video Accelerator Program

2. Inside the Digital Video Accelerator: Implementing a Digital Mindset

3. Inside the Digital Video Accelerator: How to Get Started With Video

4. Inside the Digital Video Accelerator: Tips on Improving Video Storytelling in Pre-Production, Creation, and Distribution

The Video Accelerator Program
The Facebook Journalism Project’s Video Accelerator Program helps news publishers create excellent video and build sustainable business models that work. Funded and organized by the Facebook Journalism Project (FJP) in collaboration with the International Center for Journalists, each Accelerator includes hands-on workshops led by news industry veterans and coaching from industry experts. Catch up on all the lessons from the Video Accelerator here. For monthly updates on the Accelerator Program, sign up for the FJP newsletter.