Executives from 14 U.S. metro news publishers gathered at Facebook New York on March 28th and 29th to learn and share best practices for building and growing digital subscriptions, as part of the 3-month Facebook Journalism Project: Local News Subscriptions Accelerator. The first of the three in-person sessions focused on foundations, including: setting and aligning goals across the enterprise, embracing audience-first discipline, organizing teams and processes, and optimizing existing marketing channels.

Over the next three months we’ll be sharing lessons, ideas and inspiration from these gatherings. To start, we’re posting some tips and tactics about one of the most important arrows in the subscriber acquisition quiver: Email.

Email is a powerful tool for finding new audiences, deepening relationships with readers, and converting loyal readers into paying subscribers. Publishers have total control over the tone, timing, and user experience, and access to important consumption data that can be used for better, more efficient and more effective subscription acquisition.

Generally speaking, it’s important to think about all three phases of the “audience funnel” here:

Here are 10 tips from Talis Lin, a marketing executive and former Managing Director of Performance Media at The New York Times:

The Facebook Journalism Project: Local News Subscriptions Accelerator is a pilot program designed to help news publishers build their digital subscription revenues. Funded and organized by The Facebook Journalism Project, the 3-month program includes hands-on workshops led by news industry veteran Tim Griggs, a grantmaking program organized by The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, and regular reports on best practices authored by both The Lenfest Institute and the Facebook Journalism Project.

Former Managing Director of Performance Media at The New York Times Talis Lin shared email optimization techniques.