Lesson at a Glance

One Big Takeaway: To implement a digital video mindset on your team, think about the videos you’re publishing differently. Strive for a balance of ‘raw’ videos for breaking news and polished videos for stories with longevity.

Top 2 Best Practices to Keep in Mind:

  1. For ‘raw’ ongoing news: Update as often as possible, starting with the core facts and progressing to media, imagery, and quotes as the story progresses.
  2. For ‘ longer-tail news: Involve team members across your organization to expand the video’s reach and integration with other news initiatives.

Achieving a Digital Video Mindset

Mario R. García is an American newspaper and magazine designer and media consultant. An expert in mobile storytelling and transformation of newsrooms for the digital world, García has collaborated with over 700 publications like The Wall Street Journal, Gulf News, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Handelsblatt. García presented at the Digital Video Accelerator, a 6-week, 6-class pilot program in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 25 news publishers on developing a digital video strategy.

García’s presentation walked through two basic ideas:

  1. The importance implementing a digital mindset across the entire business.
  2. How to apply that mindset to two basic forms of digital video content — raw news videos for breaking and developing stories; and polished, long-tail videos built for longevity.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing our lessons learned here from these in-person sessions.

1. Shifting the mindset

Here are some of Garcia’s tips and resources to achieve a digital mindset that provides users both raw and fully developed video.

2. Creating raw videos for breaking and developing news

A news cycle that’s still in development can last several hours. Readers will want to follow along as the story unfolds. Publish your video online as early as possible. Update it as often as you can. Here are a few best practices García recommends:

3. Creating more polished videos, built for longevity and lasting impact

The digital news space can move at hyper speed. News stories can come and go. Sometimes, taking a step back can lead to videos that are more fully developed for a longer-lasting impact. These are longer form, more in-depth videos not necessarily tied to an immediate news event.

For these kinds of stories, García recommends a few ways on how best to approach your video creation:

The Video Accelerator Program
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