Two Facebook Journalism Project programs to support media outlets developing new ways to connect with the public will be expanding to Brazil. The Digital Video and Local News Accelerators are part of the $300 million global investment in news programs, partnerships and content over the next three years, announced earlier this year. As of this month, more than 30 Brazilian news organizations will participate in two programs – one focused on video and the other on business strategies for local news.

During the programs, Facebook will bring in industry experts on these topics, and offer specific tools, resources and training so that these publishers can innovate and develop projects that make their business models more sustainable.

The programs are being developed in partnership with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), a nonprofit organization based in the United States that promotes quality journalism worldwide. ICFJ will provide expert mentors and other support.

“Through these programs, we can give a boost to Brazilian media outlets,” said ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan. “They will be better equipped to reach audiences with compelling videos and to strengthen their business models. This work bolsters our efforts to help news organizations thrive in these challenging times.”

“Bringing these programs to Brazil is part of our strategy to support the important work done by local news organizations and publishers. We believe that they play an important role in creating a sense of community and we want this environment to be innovative and more and more strengthened,” explains Facebook News Partnerships Director, Jason White.

Video Accelerator

Facebook will offer training and lectures for six weeks on video strategies in digital journalism for 20 Brazilian news outlets. There will be six meetings with professionals that are global experts on the topic.

The influence of digital video on how we consume, produce, and share content is growing daily. By 2021, it is estimated that 78% of the data generated in the mobile environment will be video.

The first edition of Digital Video Accelerator was held in Argentina in the second half of 2018 and brought together 25 publishers who participated in debates with international experts in digital video, among them: NowThis, Vice, AJ + and The Washington Post.

Local News Accelerator

The Local News Accelerator will be held in the second half of the year and will focus on supporting local news outlets to make their business models more sustainable. For this program, we are bringing representatives from 12 news outlets from different states, from the five regions of the country, to help them find and retain the audience. The goal is to reach places where there is a shortage of local news outlets, otherwise known as news deserts.

During the 12-week training, participants will meet in person in three sessions and participate in webinars with experts from international news organizations. They will also work with mentors to create their own projects, designed to address the specific problems of each of them.

The project had a pilot in the United States last year and is now being expanded to other countries, such as Germany, Canada and Australia, as well as Brazil.