Meet Connecticut Mirror, a recipient of this year’s Facebook Journalism Project Community Network Grant, and learn more about their funded project.

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The Funded Project:

To build trust in underserved communities, CT Mirror will work with community organizations to solicit and publish written opinion and art from emerging artists that capture the impact of public policy in their lives.

In Their Own Words:

We are trying to a) engage members of underserved communities in a deeper dialogue about public policy, and b) bring more diverse voices and perspectives to our readers.

While CTMirror is regarded as the most trusted source for news about public policy in Connecticut, awareness and readership of CTMirror are low in underserved communities. To advance our mission of informing ALL Connecticut residents about public policy we recognize the need to reach and engage ALL residents. To advance our mission of holding government accountable we have to hold government accountable for the impact of public policy on ALL residents.

We hope to:

  1. Increase trust, and ultimately readership, in underserved communities.
  2. Diversify our sourcing.
  3. Provide policy-makers, influencers, and voters with a deeper understanding of the impact of public policy on ALL Connecticut residents.

The best-case scenario is that we build trust in underserved communities to the point that community members are not only willing to tell us their stories when we reach out to them, but also proactively seek us out to tell their stories and provide news tips. Other elements of a best-case scenario, as noted above: more diverse readership, more engagement, more diverse sourcing.

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