The Funded Project:

Increase audience diversification, newsletter acquisition and involvement in the next election cycle by targeting people new to Texas and/or Texas politics through an “onboarding Texans” email campaign.

In Their Own Words:

With new residents fueling about half of Texas’ population growth, we want to create an “onboarding Texans” email series designed to reach audiences who are newer to Texas and/or Texas politics (and thereby, less aware of The Texas Tribune) to help them be more involved in the next election cycle. The series will consist of 6 to 10 email editions that a reader can opt into at any time. We will survey readers at the beginning and end of the series to gauge any changes in their civic engagement and brand awareness, and conclude by inviting them to subscribe to our 2020 newsletter and This Is Your Texas, our Facebook community for Texans to join Texas Tribune staff, policy experts and elected officials in a constructive dialogue about policy challenges facing our state.

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