The Funded Project:

Creation of community-sourced “WURD Show On The Go,” a new initiative rooted in community engagement and local news generation.

In Their Own Words:

We want to empower a community that has often been ignored, marginalized or caricatured by “mainstream” media outlets so they have agency in how and what is portrayed about their lives, experiences and communities. This will be done through our new initiative called, “WURD Show On The Go,” which is rooted in community engagement, local news generation, and bridging the gap between terrestrial radio and digital social platforms.

Through the WURD website, community residents will submit requests for Temple Professor and WURD Host, Dr. Aaron Smith, to do a pop up radio/video broadcast (WURD Show On The Go) in their neighborhood or at their event. He will travel to these places acting as both beat reporter and TV personality, to engage audiences with news and information while offering historical context to the places and people involved.

The program will air on WURD TV via the newly launched WURD website ( and social media platforms. Additionally, the audio will be broadcast on WURD Radio.

The intended outcome: On-the-ground Philadelphians contribute to the Philadelphia information ecosystem by telling stories that are relevant and important to them. This will help strengthen trust and deepen engagement between local residents and local media.

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