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In Their Own Words:

Tyler, Texas is the diverse, complicated, rapidly growing and changing capital of East Texas, a big stretch of Texas where fascinating, important stories too often go untold and where dusty old stereotypes hang on for too long.

We believe Tylerites and East Texans need in-depth, innovative, inclusive storytelling and journalism to better understand and embrace the huge demographic, cultural, and economic changes that our region is facing over the next 25 years, and The Tyler Loop aims to be the hub where that happens.

We’ve already seen our best-case scenario play out in ways big and small. In our deeply segregated city, our readers says we help them hear marginalized perspectives and see sides of Tyler they didn’t know existed. They say we offer data- and research-driven reporting that changes the way they understand the local impacts of otherwise polarizing issues like immigration policy and climate change. They say we introduce them to local leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists they might not have heard about otherwise—and we’ve watched exciting real-life connections happen as a result.

Best of all, our readers and supporting members come from all across the political and partisan spectrum. That’s success in our book.

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