The Funded Project:

Coordinate, analyze and report on a never-before conducted poll of Utah women where they face the nation’s widest wage gap. Host focus groups for targeted populations, including women of color, LGBT, youth and New Americans.

In Their Own Words:

Utah’s economy is booming. More women participate in the workforce here than in any other state. Yet Utah is routinely labeled as the worst state for women. Utah women face the nation’s widest wage gap. Utah is the second-worst state in terms of sexism in its culture. Few women are elected to office or serve in the boardroom. Poverty, low wages, and health disparities are even more pronounced for women of color, and little is known about these impacts on lesbian and transgender women. Every year approximately 80 children witness the murder or attempted murder of their mother. Nearly half of all homicides are domestic violence-related.

We’ve reported on these grim statistics in a piece-meal fashion for years, but are undertaking a project to change the conversation around women with a grant from Report for America to hire a reporter focused on this area. A critical piece of our plan is a first-of-its-kind survey of women across Utah to capture their opinions and experiences. Our reporter will help translate the data from this survey and other studies and tie it to personal narratives to give more context to women’s issues. We believe this deep reporting will engage and build subscribers.

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