The Funded Project:

Develop and open source a platform for Listening Clubs, an engagement model for podcast listeners to organize independent gatherings based on audio journalism.

In Their Own Words:

In 2018 we created a closed Facebook Group where listeners of our podcast around the world could easily connect with each other and have conversations around the episodes. It became so successful that we built an offline version of it one year later.

In 2019 we launched Listening Clubs, an engagement model in which listeners of our podcast gather in face-to-face meetings in their communities and use our audio journalism as a centerpiece for civic dialogue. We ran a three-month pilot in which we surveyed over 200 participants and gathered valuable data to calibrate the model and measure its impact.

Now we seek to decentralize and open source Listening Clubs, so our listeners can organize independent gatherings and inspire other media projects to adapt the model to their needs and use the resources we’ve created.

As media convergence continues to evolve and digital interactions often become fleeting, insular or even hostile, facilitating democratic and organic conversations that harness the civic impact of journalism has surfaced as a poignant need of the industry. We’ve collected evidence that shows that Listening Clubs can help us address it. Now we need to make the model scalable.

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