The Funded Project:

Tackle responsible neighborhood development and gentrification in one of Omaha’s historically underserved communities through collaboration with neighborhood associations and deep reporting. The process will become a template for neighborhood leaders.

In Their Own Words:

North Omaha — the heart of Omaha’s African American community and the audience we serve — has suffered from a decades-long lack of investment, unemployment and poverty rates 3-4 times higher than the rest of Omaha. In the last decade, local leadership with some philanthropic help, have made strides in reducing disparities and helping to restore the fabric of neighborhood associations and civic engagement.

With its proximity to downtown, redevelopment in North Omaha and restoring its aging infrastructure and housing stock is becoming a top priority, even as private developers are eyeing the area.

Redevelopment that considers its residents, empowering and engaging them, has become a top issue. We aim to tackle responsible development, gentrification and to educate our community about how property development, including public financing like block grants and TIFF, works. There is a lot of context and background information that needs to be assembled and presented to set the stage for covering current developments. Then, there is a lot of activity with city and county planning that must be covered.

Hopefully, local residents become more educated and engaged in this issue, supporting better outcomes for themselves and the neighborhoods their families have called home for generations.

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