The Funded Project:

Collaborative reporting project focused on acute issues of rural healthcare access in Tonopah, Nevada.

In Their Own Words:

We will focus on the issue of access to health care in rural Nevada, specifically Tonopah. Located in the central part of the state, Tonopah is the county seat of Nye County, the third largest county in the US, designated as “frontier” even more sparsely populated than “rural”. Tonopah was the nearest health care option for adjacent counties. The hospital in Tonopah has closed and ambulance service to the nearest one 200+ miles away is operated by volunteers.

This reporting will build on research by NPR with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health on day-to-day life and health in rural America released May 21st 2019.

The Nye County newspaper, Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News has no reporter in Tonopah and is published 160 miles away. NVPR’s repeater is the sole FM news outlet.

An outcome would be to initiate a review of the health care situation in Nye County by both county and Nevada State officials. What the community is seeking a minimum of an “Emergency Room” facility with maybe a half dozen beds.”

In addition, we create a journalistic model/process to cover health care in Nevada’s news deserts.

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