The Funded Project:

Expand our Mississippi expatriates efforts with events in nearby states, a monthly newsletter and an expat Facebook group.

In Their Own Words:

As part of a multi-pronged audience engagement and growth strategy, Mississippi Today seeks to expand its engagement with Mississippi expatriates around the country — those who have left the state to settle in communities and cities outside of state lines. An alarming number of people, more than 37% of Mississippi’s population, have left the state. An issue we have deeply reported, “Mississippi Brain Drain” (millennials who are educated in the state and seek opportunity elsewhere) inspired this project, now in year two.

We have surveyed nearly 500 expats, many of whom report they are seeking meaningful ways to reconnect and proactively engage with their home state to move the needle in Mississippi. These are important communities for growing our audience, revenue, and impact. With Mississippi elections in 2019 and a presidential election on the horizon, Mississippi Today’s savvy political coverage can help expats understand the political landscape in their home state and the implications of national political developments for Mississippi.

Our ultimate goal is to build an audience outside of Mississippi to complement the one we are building in-state, to expand the reach and impact of our reporting and develop a new stream of contributing members that support our newsroom.

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