The Funded Project:

Expanding coverage of Memphis neighborhoods to include community contributors by providing residents with tools, training, mentorship and editing support from an assigned mentor and the news team.

In Their Own Words:

With this project, IMG is interested in creating a network of writers and contributors who can tell the story of their Memphis neighborhood from a first-hand perspective. We are tackling news deserts from the ground up, and using our already-robust embedded journalism program as a framework for creating an even more authentic narrative for Memphis communities. The community contributor project will deepen the stories we are able to tell because they will be told by residents themselves, it will also facilitate a pathway for community members to hone their writing skills, receive a byline for their work, and continue to create content for IMG’s Memphis publication, High Ground News, as well as other local news outlets.

This project is an investment in neighborhood talent; it helps increase communications capacity and establishes a neighborhood bureau of writers that will exist into the future. The best outcome would be a pool of talent that has the training and tools to contribute to the narrative in Memphis and each writer continues to grow professionally from our work with them.

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