The Funded Project:

Launch a six-month effort to build community and audience among students at North Carolina’s 58 community colleges through a series of town halls.

In Their Own Words:

Last year, expanded coverage (and desired audience reach) to include community colleges and the workforce in North Carolina. We expanded into this space because approximately 40% of all US students enrolled in postsecondary education are attending two-year institutions; however, there is little news coverage of community colleges–the institutions themselves and the stories of the students attending them.

With your support, we would like to launch a six-month intensive engagement to build community and audience among those attending North Carolina’s 58 community colleges. Through in-person student town halls at eight community colleges and statewide use of our engagement platform and social media, we seek to drive a statewide conversation about the lived reality of community college students, most notably the issues they care most about ahead of the 2020 election.

Our goal is to expand our community college audience beyond just faculty and staff to students, faculty, and staff. We hope to spark a student-led conversation about their lives, their hopes, and their dreams. Our best case scenario is that the student conversations will shape the broader coverage of the 2020 election cycle in NC, while also broadening and diversifying both our content and our audience.

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