The Funded Project:

Grow membership to 50 percent of monthly revenue through a Community Powered Journalist program that includes citizen journalism trainings, public workshops, community meetings, Q&As and community interaction.

In Their Own Words:

Detour Detroit seeks to create a sustainable funding model for small outlets that focuses on community-funded journalism to amplify the needs and stories of historically underserved communities. Detour launched a membership program in August 2018 that has attracted 200 paid members and recently brought on a new colleague to focus on growing membership.

Detour proposes developing a Community Powered Journalist (CPJ) program to test the success of a hybrid journalist/engager role to increase readership, strengthen coverage with readers and gain membership.

The CPJ’s role would be split between traditional reporting and direct community engagement. Detour’s membership program would be modified to allow new members to support a specific CPJ and a revenue share would be created from these funds to reward CPJs for attracting new members. This creates a virtuous cycle of engagement and is a replicable model that would reward attentive and responsive community reporting.

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