The Funded Project:

Creating new products to scale up data sharing with local newsrooms.

In Their Own Words:

Public data can be valuable for community networks. It can empower citizens with information they need to drive change. But public datasets are often difficult to access and hard to understand. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department releases crime data for the whole city, not for each neighborhood. Crosstown breaks down large datasets on key quality-of-life issues in order to tell stories about individual neighborhoods in Los Angeles County (that’s 262 places). We can calculate how frequently air quality in Crenshaw rises to unsafe levels and how that compares with Pacoima. We can see which freeway commutes are getting slower, and which are speeding up. Crosstown’s hyperlocal data is a powerful tool for communities and the people telling their stories.

With this grant, we want to scale how we share data with local newsrooms to fuel their coverage, particularly for underreported issues and underserved communities. Already, a number of local outlets reuse our data in their own stories. Our data is a treasure trove for local media. If successful, at the conclusion of this grant, we will have been able to extend the impact of our local data reporting by developing more efficient methods of collaboration with other newsrooms.

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