The Funded Project:

Embed reporters in food banks across North Carolina. Conduct listening sessions with food bank clients, community forums, produce stories and two online toolkits aimed at uncovering root causes and potential solutions to hunger.

In Their Own Words:

More than half of North Carolina’s 100 counties are, or are at risk of becoming, news deserts (UNC School of Media and Journalism). As news deserts grow, urgent problems like food insecurity receive limited or no investigative coverage. NC ranks in the top ten “hungriest states,” with one in five children hungry on a daily basis. By embedding reporters with three food banks spread across NC, CPP proposes to report deeply on hunger’s impact, root causes and potential solutions. Outcomes will include six listening sessions with food bank clients, six forums, six photo essays, six audio stories, fifteen in-depth stories, three videos, and two online toolkits (one for teachers and others to lead conversations, one for media to replicate reporting). The best case scenario is that the reporting will provide visibility and insight into food insecurity, promoting positive changes in statewide policies.

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