Meet Climate Central, a recipient of this year’s Facebook Journalism Project Community Network Grant, and learn more about their funded project.

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The Funded Project:

Climate Central, UCLA’s Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies and Ethnic Media Services will partner to support 10 reporting fellows focused on informing underserved audiences on the hazards of wildfire smoke and connections to climate change. By distributing this work through ethnic media outlets, the partnership hopes to strengthen existing community networks to respond more effectively to these hazards and climate change.

In Their Own Words:

Ethnic media leaders consistently identify environment/climate change as a top editorial priority, but say they lack access to experts, data, and opportunities to train their reporters. Climate Central fills that gap.

Since 2017, Climate Central has reported on the effects of wildfire smoke on public health throughout the West, including California’s Central Valley. Due to geography, the valley already suffers from some of America’s highest rates of air pollution and endures a disproportionately heavy burden from smoke. For this project, Climate Central and Ethnic Media Services will examine impacts on farmworkers, laborers, and other community members who spend their workdays outside and have the least ability to afford medical care.

The outcomes we seek are: (1) to work with a cohort of ethnic media reporters and content producers to inform underserved audiences in the Central Valley about the hazards of wildfire smoke and its connections to climate change, and (2) strengthen existing community-based networks in their ability to recognize and respond to these threats through civic engagement.

Our best-case scenario is a long-term, climate-focused collaboration that will support vulnerable, climate-affected communities’ ability to respond to climate change.

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