Meet The Baltimore Times & The Times Foundation, a recipient of this year’s Facebook Journalism Project Community Network Grant, and learn more about their funded project.

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The Funded Project:

Through the Community Conversations project, The Baltimore Times will act as a convener, bringing together decision-makers, neighbors and new leaders to join forces and move forward together to solve the city’s most pressing issues.

In Their Own Words:

The focus is to create a project that helps bridge the gaps of key decision-makers in Baltimore and neighbors in Baltimore who are impacted by those decisions. Who is working on what key issues in the city? Who is collaborating? How do neighbors get involved and learn about projects and organizations? Baltimore is changing. We are now a city made of “life-longers” with a growing number of transplants/new faces in the city. We have a large number of new and emerging leaders, many of whom are doing different things to make Baltimore a thriving city, but no true thread or knowledge available on ALL of the moving pockets and parts.

The Baltimore Times can be the thread and bridge the gap through research, interviews, and local reporting, and help bridge what seems to be a disconnect among the groups. In this effort, it will help introduce people to one another, build community, and answer questions for those who want to collaborate and share their knowledge.

Since the 2015 uprisings, there has been a major focus on social impact and social change, and many people and projects are partaking in this change.

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