Meet Alabama Media Group, a recipient of this year’s Facebook Journalism Project Community Network Grant, and learn more about their funded project.

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The Funded Project:

Support for Reckon Women, a 2,500-member Facebook group created in response to Alabama’s historic anti-abortion vote. Over the next several months Alabama Media Group will focus on leading civil discussions — in person, partnered with civic-minded community groups, and on social media about issues including abortion, purity culture, maternal mortality and workplace discrimination for group members and all women in the Deep South.

In Their Own Words:

Earlier this year, 22 men decided the fate of Alabama women in an historic anti-abortion vote. Reckon by did more than just report what the politicians were doing – we turned to women to tell their own stories about being a woman in Alabama, producing a stunning collection of 200 voices.

We continued the conversation, developing Reckon Women, a Facebook group that swelled to 2,500 people who are actively and civilly talking about the issues that face women here. We dedicated two reporters to covering issues affecting women in the state, including maternal mortality, discrimination that new black mothers face, workplace discrimination, purity culture, how religion has affected their view of sex, and abortion.

We believe Reckon Women can mobilize beyond headlines, becoming a community that’s smarter and savvier from our reporting and conversations and pushing for more gender representation and more women being heard everywhere. We believe this group is like none other for women in the Deep South. It’s a safe space for women to hear, listen, share, and seek to understand the news and issues that affect them as they work to help the Deep South become a place where women and girls thrive.

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