Email is one of the biggest opportunities in the digital space — and most people aren’t talking about it.

That’s how Dan Oshinsky, a former New Yorker newsletter editor and creator of Not a Newsletter, opened his lesson at a recent session of the Facebook Reader Revenue Accelerator Program in Berlin. Oshinsky walked through his practical recommendations for publications to use email — specifically, newsletters — to engage readers and encourage them to become paid subscribers.

To create stellar newsletters, Oshinsky said, follow these four rules.

  1. Content is critical to your news business, but so is distribution. Pay attention to both.
    Your publication is regularly producing high-quality journalism, Oshinsky said. Give distribution as much thought as you do to producing content. You’ll help your publication’s content reach readers as it should.
  2. Create habits and routines.
    Give your newsletters consistency, Oshinsky said. Readers should know what they signed up for, when to expect it, and how it will be delivered.
  3. Start with a building block.
    Each newsletter should fall into one of four core types:

    • Identity – Emails that connect with a reader’s identity or passions
    • Service – Emails that make a reader’s life easier or connect them to content they’re looking for
    • Utility – Emails that help a reader do his or her job better
    • Personality – Emails with a unique personality that readers follow, like an email from a columnist
  4. Respect your audience. Trust is hard to win and easy to lose.
    Unsubscribing is easy. Earning an unsubscribed reader’s email again isn’t. Your newsletters shouldn’t spam or take advantage of the reader. Each newsletter should aim to deliver its optimal value.

Content wise, Oshinsky has a few tips to help make your audience feel like they’re part of your community:

To grow your email list, you need to promote your newsletter on-site — in dedicated sign-up pages, story pages (place in the middle or at the bottom of articles), on your homepage, site menu or footer, and pop-ups. You can also try referral programs and paid growth strategies.

The Lenfest Institute for Journalism has covered Oshinsky’s email recommendations in more depth here.

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