What happens when 100 local news leaders, academics, technologists, founders and funders come together to collaborate on the future of the news business for two days?

In the case of the first-ever “Accelerate: Local News Summit” in Denver this week, the answer was: surprising signs of optimism from across the country — and promising case studies that can be replicated.

Some of those case studies are here, at www.acceleratesummit.org. Among the news leaders you’ll see:

Along with our partners at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Online News Association, we convened Accelerate to help this diverse group to share and collaborate with one another on their biggest challenges, bringing together potential partners, mentors and kindred spirits to help build a stronger news ecosystem. As you’ll see from the videos, the participants did not disappoint. [In order to let the participants speak freely about their business challenges, the hands-on sessions were held under “Chatham House Rule” — people are allowed to summarize what they heard and describe their own participation, but not quote others without permission. We want the findings and discussions to be public, but we also wanted to respect the participants and allow them to discuss new ideas candidly, with the confidence that they’ll be asked for an OK before anyone takes their words into another context.]

Of course there is still an enormous task in front of all of us as we work together on solutions for local news. We have to do this work in partnership with each other, sharing what’s working and what isn’t, and knowing there’s unlikely to be a one-size-fits-all answer across the industry.