Meet the Makers

In Meet the Makers, we go behind the scenes to look at how seven digital-native publishers approach video on Facebook. We take a tour of their newsrooms, hear how video enables them to bring together and interact with their communities, and how their communities can help inform their stories and amplify their storytelling.


From explainers and listicles to human stories and Live, there are multiple ways in which video can tell a story on Facebook. We see how their different news teams use video to report on the same event, from breaking news to context pieces.


360 video has evolved storytelling from linear narratives to immersive experiences. Known for transporting their audiences all over the world, we take a look why RYOT decided to invest in 360 and exactly what it takes to bring augmented reality into the Facebook News Feed.


Newsgathering and reporting with tools like Facebook Groups, Instagram Stories and Whatsapp has opened up a new world of social journalism. We follow Melissa as she reports on Hurricane Maria, using Facebook to find and amplify the voices of disparate, local communities in Puerto Rico.


When it comes growing a vertical on Facebook the science of data is as important as the art of storytelling. We take a look at how POPSUGAR use their insights to develop their channels and define their content strategy for the Facebook News Feed.


Finding common ground can help give people a sense of why they should care, spark conversation and build repeat viewership. We visit ATTN: to hear why they created the What If? series on Facebook, and how their approach to fusing entertainment and culture in their news reporting keeps their audiences coming back.


Video on Facebook can bring people together, create shared experiences and a sense of belonging. Bustle has always sought to report on subjects that concern women, and as a company made up of almost 85% women, we see how the community that comes together to make their video is reflected in the community that watches their video.